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Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance

The electricity and plumbing are two of the most important aspects of any type of property, be it residential or a commercial. Landlord General Maintenance LLC is one of the most reputed companies in UAE for providing reliable and cost-effective electrical and plumbing maintenance services. Our expert technicians understand the requirements of all those electrical and plumbing troubleshooting procedures and come up with the best solutions.

The electrical & plumbing maintenance team that we have at Landlord General Maintenance LLC is known for providing services like:

✓ Rectification of the conditioning wires of the electrical circuits
✓ Keep a check on the terminal tightness of the electrical switches
✓ Clean and maintain the electrical room on the property
✓ Keep a check on the lights that are fused
✓ Periodic check ups on the circuit breakers on MDB & SMDB
✓ Check the power sockets, switches and other electrical circuits on the property to ensure that everything is in the optimal condition

The plumbing and drainage experts that we have at Landlord General Maintenance LLC are known for providing services like:

✓ Facilitate servicing of the control panel, pumps and the water tanks periodically
✓ Repairing the water heaters, and sanitary fittings etc.
✓ Checking for any type of leakage or lose connections
✓ Maintain & clean the water tanks
✓ Service and Paint the water pumps
✓ Repair any type of blocks on the drainage or water systems

Whether you are in need of an emergency plumbing maintenance service, drainage & sewerage experts solution or commercial electrical systems installation, we have appropriate solutions for all.

Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance