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This is a profession that coordinates multiple disciplines in an optimized sequence to utilize bestfunctionality ofthe facilities under its management. This is implemented through established procedures using manpower and material, in a cost effective way, with the appropriate use of technology.

LANDLORD FM is one of the leading providers of comprehensive/non-comprehensive facility servicesto residential, commercial and industrial companies throughout UAE. From small repair and maintenance to total facility management, we perform efficiently and cost- effectively.We have always believed that a proactive program of scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the total facility provides years of trouble free operation of the valuable equipments and facility.Our many Service Contract customers enjoy the benefits of an ongoing program designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual installation.We package our Service and Preventative Maintenance programs to meet the needs of the installation and facility based on the operation requirements of each piece of equipment.

Our program of regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks for all of your equipment is thebasis for establishing an ongoing service designed to limit the need for emergency service call to theabsolute minimum. We have found over the years that this program combined with our annualcleaning program provides each customer with years of trouble free use.